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The English Channel is primarily an IELTS teaching institute based in Ahmedabad. We, at The English Channel (TEC), are striving to bring innovative solutions that will help individuals to acquire essential English language skills. Our aim is to offer effective and practical learning techniques for the refinement of students' linguistic abilities. Moreover, we cater to  individual learning needs with constant support in a conducive environment that enables  expeditious language acquisition. At TEC, we will shape, nurture, and guide your innate language skills and impart opportunities that will help you to achieve your desired goals.

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Engaging Events

Students will witness the creative and engaging aspects of our pedagogy as they learn through various interesting events taking place at our premises. We will make sure that our students get enough exposure to learn and practice diverse concepts of language.

Personalized Attention

We believe that true efficacy can only be achieved in small and focused groups; therefore, we provide a personalized experience to the enrolled students by restricting each study batch to a maximum number of 10 students.

Interactive Classroom Environment

Our idea of educating significantly comprises activities like public speaking, poetry recitation, storytelling, movie and documentary screenings, role-play, and much more.

Our Vision & Mission

Our Vision

With our initiative of providing exposure alongside knowledge, we aspire to outstretch our hands to the
farthest ends of the globe. We dream to expand our presence widely and be the answer to all the questions that the English language puts in one’s head; therefore, becoming the English channel figuratively, connecting the two shores –  uncertainty and certainty.

The impact of the communication gap extends to many areas other than language, hence we believe
communication skills are the most essential need in today’s world. Our vision is to build an Exposure Based Learning and Functional Training Platform which focuses on the deficit of communication skills across various vocational sectors and play the role of a catalyst in bridging the gap between academic learning and vocational demand. Therefore, by entangling “exposure of the language around the subject” with its corresponding theoretical material, we can create an alternate way of teaching, which becomes an innovative pedagogy in itself.

Our Mission

With our untiring perseverance and dedication, we aim to bring the English Channel and its services to
individuals and organisations in the remotest areas. We intend to establish our presence across diverse
learning platforms while fulfilling our core purpose of providing exposure to the English Language.

Our mission is to provide advanced learning tools at par with global standards to aspirants and help them improve their communication and technical language skills. We are motivated to develop and nurture a new breed of extraordinary trainers who will revolutionize the way various subjects are taught. Moreover, we want to represent and support the collective community of the young population  (Uneducated, Semi-Educated, Unemployed, Under-Employed, Unskilled, and Semi-Skilled individuals).






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